Eight tips for success. Effective eLearning training in the call center. Donna Fluss

Too often, organizations see eLearning as a “quick fix” or a replacement for coaching, which it is not. In her latest column, Donna Fluss discusses common pitfalls and outlines eight tips to designing a successful eLearning program in the call center.

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Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting LLC

Conceptually, eLearning is a great idea. As the Web becomes a primary method for delivering content, more and more organizations are naturally turning to eLearning to provide training; and eLearning can effectively deliver targeted training materials and support self-directed performance development. It minimizes scheduling complexity and reduces some of the expenses involved in conducting live training courses, including the trainer’s salary and the cost of the facilities.

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions to develop training materials to be delivered as call center eLearning courses. I like the concept of eLearning because it allows me, or others, to create a program once and use it to reach a large audience. It’s also advantageous because an eLearning course can reach people and companies that I (and others) would not even know existed, or were in need of the information.(leer más…)

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