Apple filing takes Podcasts to the next level en Disparate

Vía el blog Disparate A bilingual blog on disparate subjects. Un blogue disparate bilingue. de alexandre Enkerli os traemos unas imágenes e información sobre podcast y Apple, y algunos intentos de patentes … entre ellos :

“It should be noted that Serlet’s concept one of at least three Podcast enhancements proposed by Apple employees in recent patent filings, none of which have come to fruition as of yet. Others include personalized on-demand podcasts and Podmaps.”

Está claro que el podcast educativo interesa bastante a Apple en las Universidades Americanas, baste recordar el itunes U del que ya habíamos hablado anteriormente en en [link]About Stanford on iTunes, el jueves 30 de noviembre de 2006 en Podagogy. Podcasting, enseñanza-aprendizaje, el viernes 3 de febrero de 2006 en [not] ‘Emprendedores’ se convierte en la primera serie distribuida en España mediante videopodcast en iTunes de Apple, el sábado 17 de junio de 2006 en [link] iTunes U, y por último [post] iTunes U. Critiques – it’s not as simple as that..

Aunque nos tendrían que aclarar, como empresa internacional que es Apple, por qué a la Europa no anglófona no nos tienen en cuenta en sus proyectos? Las Universidades Españolas por ejemplo … ¿existen para Apple… imagino que como no le compran?. En fin, a lo que íbamos…

A recently published filing discovered by AppleInsider reveals work by Apple’s chief software architect to advance the Podcast beyond its static form and into a live interactive presentation medium suitable for use by educational institutes and businesses for their daily presentations.

“Podcasts of classroom lectures and other presentations typically require manual editing to switch the focus between the video feed of [an] instructor and the slides (or other contents) being presented,” Bertrand Serlet, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple, wrote in the 15-page filing. “In a school or enterprise where many presentations take place daily, editing podcasts require a dedicated person, which can be prohibitive. “

To solve this problem, Serlet proposes has proposed an automated content capture and processing system where a live camera feed of a presenter can be automatically merged with a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation to form an entertaining and dynamic podcast that lets the viewer watch the presenter’s slides as well as the presenter.

In one example outlined in the filing, the content capture system provides a video stream (Stream A) and an Keynote presentation stream (Stream B) to a recording agent such as a Mac running specialized Podcast creation software. The recording agent then blends the two feeds together based on certain cues and sends the combined feed to a syndication server that would then distribute the video wirelessly as a Podcast to any number of authorized Macs, iPods or iPhones.(leer más…)

Fuente: [ apple insider vía disparate]



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