Integración Sakai y Blackboard. Un puente entre Blackboard y el open source?

Aquí os traemos un artículo hablando de la integración de Sakai y Blackboard…anunciado en la Blackboard Developers Conference .

El artículo se titula un puente entre blackboard y el open source: A Bridge Between Blackboard and Open Source?

Blackboard, the dominant player in course management software, has the ability to inspire devotion and, for the more fervid open-source adherents, not a little contempt. So today’s announcement may cause a stir among those more apt to liken Blackboard to the devil than a gentle giant: The company is partnering with Syracuse University to develop a way to integrate Blackboard with Sakai, one of the primary open-source alternatives.Whether the announcement — made at the Blackboard Developers Conference in advance of the BbWorld ‘08 gathering of higher education technology professionals this week — will inspire mostly knee-jerk opposition, cautious optimism or a warm embrace from the open-source community isn’t yet clear. But at least initially, there’s bound to be some friction from some corners of the developer community.

“I know that there will be some people in the [open-source] community in general who believe, rightly or wrongly, that Blackboard’s statements about interoperability and openness are a veneer that they’re trying to paint…. You’ll see some of that reaction from people out there that don’t like Blackboard,” said Michael Korcuska, executive director of the Sakai Foundation.(leer más…)

Fuente: [inside highered]



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