e-learning en prensa on line julio 2008

Últimamente andaba demasiado “creativo”, personal en realidad, así que hay que bajar un poquito el tono y volver a nuestra versión más dulce la púramente informativa… algunos también nos leen sólo por eso no?
Así que recuperaremos nuestra sección, que teníamos abandonada hace mucho, de noticias sobre e-learning en la prensa y las noticias on line… una curiosa forma de ver como la economía y las empresas venden esto del e-learning:

1) Poynter awarded $1.4M grant to expand e-learning en Tampa Bay Business Journal:

The Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg will expand its journalism e-learning Web site through a five-year, $1.4 million grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

The e-learning program, known as News University, launched in 2005 through an earlier Knight Foundation grant and provides interactive courses for journalists at various levels of experience and media.

The new grant will help News University expand in four primary areas that include enhancing the skills and digital abilities of journalists, finding new ways to teach and inspire journalists as well as those without access to formal journalism training, increasing news literacy, and using the Internet to deliver training in more innovative and effective ways.

2) Mobile e-learning system for HK University students By Carol Ko en Mis Asia

–> HONG KONG, 8 JULY 2008 – The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of The University of Hong Kong has just launched its self-developed Mobile Learning Platform.

The Mobile Learning Platform (MLP) enables students to access learning materials and answer instructors’ questions anytime and anywhere. Its real-time report system also helps instructors to monitor students’ learning progress and to adjust teaching pace or materials efficiently.

The Platform has been put to trail use in some courses of the Faculty of Engineering and one module of the Faculty of Medicine. From 2009 onwards, the platform will be widely adopted in HKU’s engineering programmes. The university is developing plans to extend the use of MLP to other faculties and disciplines.

Learning progress monitored real-time

3)Kineo e-learning supports Marks & Spencer managers en Personel today.com

To make this possible, Kineo and Marks & Spencer have collaborated to create innovative and engaging e-learning with great results, as a new case study now explains.

Marks & Spencer wanted to explore how e-learning could play a role in supporting line managers with HR and people issues.

M&S chose Kineo, the leading e-learning company, as their partner in the development of an innovative suite of e-learning for M&S.

[imagen vía antalya.uab.es]



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