Call for Papers: Training and work

CONVOCATORIA DE PROPUESTAS: FORMACIÓN Y EMPLEO. eLearning Papers solicita artículos sobre formación y empleo que aborden temas como el aprendizaje informal en el puesto de trabajo o los mundos virtuales para organizaciones de aprendizaje y formación profesional. La fecha límite para la presentación de artículos es el (2) 18 de agosto de 2008.

In the context of economic globalization and development of an information society, we observe, in all economic areas, a recurring questioning of activities and employment associated to a transformation of competences related to technological evolution, company structure changes and an accelerated renewal of knowledge.

Consequently, lifelong learning becomes an essential method for permanently adapting qualifications, with a view for individuals to engage in learning and build a sustainable career and, in parallel, for companies to find human resources needed within the framework of the evolution of their activities. This issue of continuous adaptation of the relationship between learning and employment generates heterogeneous applications for training and a need for tools, both internal and external to companies, which can satisfy individuals as well as the masses of applicants.

Lifelong learning needs to develop flexible learning tools that can be adapted to each specific request (modularity, capitalizable units, shaping with various types of training and of learners…), but also to develop integrated solutions (competence assessment, skills and learning validation …), in order to consider all formal, informal and non-formal learning when assessing and following-up training needs.

Use of ICT is an essential contribution to the learning environment as it places the individual in the midst of the training process while at the same time creates real multi-actor learning communities and helps to establish active, innovative and enriched pedagogy.

Employees’ competence acquired in vocational and personal contexts is a reference for company productivity evolution. With this in mind, it is important to define qualifications in a broader sense than academic programmes.

Faced with this determining stake in terms of economic dynamism and social cohesion, the eLearning Papers invite contributions on the general subject “Training and work” with a view to presenting reflections, innovating solutions and good practices.

Possible questions to be addressed

  • How is learning and training in companies changing?
  • How do lifelong learning and working life adapt to each other?
  • What new partnerships are there for professional training?
  • How are organisations changing into learning organisations?
  • How are informal learning and Web 2.0 affecting everyday work?

Papers can be more specifically directed at the following themes:

  1. Online Validation and Qualification
  2. Computer and Internet Certificates
  3. Informal and Non-formal Learning
  4. Competence-based learning and e-Learning
  5. Virtual World in Training
  6. Training Communities
  7. Collaborative working
  8. New partnership for Learning
  9. Transforming organizations (Distance learning, In-company training, blended system…)

Please consult the eLearning Papers website for writer guidelines:

The deadline for article submissions is August 18 2008.
Authors will be notified by September.
Provisional publishing date is November 28 2008.

For further information and to submit your article, please contact:

Invited Editor:
Alain Nicolas, Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University (France)

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Fuente: [elearningpapers]
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