Visiones del EEES (I) : El proceso de Bolonia desde unos ojos árabes… no estamos tan lejos

Vía BizDeans encuentro este texto sobre el proceso de bolonia, Arabs’ own Bologna process. Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh

Life is full of ironies and paradoxes. We, Arabs, have a lot in common: language, religion, history, heritage, customs, etc. Many Arabs believe in their heart of hearts that they are one people, one nation. Not long ago, in fact, the various territories occupied by the more than 22 Arab states at this point in time used to form one territory, one nation.

Europe, by contrast, is composed of several nations, with different languages, cultures and geography. In several individual European countries, there are two or three (or more) different languages spoken, and people of different ethnic origins. Nevertheless, the Europeans (27 or more countries so far) have succeeded in forming a union – one which actually works: despite some snags here and there.

Europeans travel within all countries belonging to the European Union as if they were travelling within one country: no borders, no visas. Foreign nationals who obtain a Schengen visa from one European country can travel as freely as European nationals within the European Union.

Arabs, who claim to be one nation, cannot do the same in the Arab countries. In most cases, visas are required, and borders separate all 22 or more Arab countries. And, of course, there is no Arab union.

And the Europeans have done more than ease travel.

Last week, I took part in a seminar in Brussels on the Bologna process, and in a follow-up seminar on the same subject on the campus of the University of Jordan a few days ago. The Bologna process is an initiative which is seen as part of an overall European drive to develop and modernise the higher education systems throughout Europe.(leer más…)

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