Caso Blackboard y patentes: Blackboard Lies and Liars

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Blackboard Lies and Liars

Blackboard is working hard on becoming the most hated corporation in the education market. Anyone paying attention will easily come to the conclusion that these people do not play fair; are not collegial in any way , shape, or form; and fully deserve to be shunned by the educational industry that they seek to monopolize.

More dirt about Blackboard comes from the information released by D2L in their response to BB’s Motion for Permanent Injunction. See pages 10-11 of 18.

“In the past three years, Bb has made two requests to the government of the United States for assistance in helping Bb avoid competing in a free and open market. Bb successfully advocated to the United States Department of Justice that Bb’s absorption of the second-largest CMS provider in the market would not adversely affect competition, in large part because its competitor, D2L, had “continuing momentum” that would prevent Bb from having undue market power after the merger. However, almost immediately upon completing its merger, Bb turned to this Court and now asks the Court to enter a permanent injunction to eliminate the very competition that Bb told the Department of Justice justified the merger.(leer más…)




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