Online Learning: Bill Gates speaks on farewell tour

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On the last stop in his five-university farewell tour, Gates spoke at Carnegie Mellon. He plans to switch to part-time at Microsoft in order to work full-time for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where he will examine the role of technology in the developing world.
Bill Gates wrapped up his farewell tour on Thursday in Rangos Ballroom, speaking about big changes in the future of software and his new role as a world leader in philanthropy. Gates, who is taking a part-time post at Microsoft to devote himself full-time to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, spoke on the ways in which users will interact with software, paying particular attention to software’s role in the developing world.

Earlier in the day, Gates had the opportunity to speak to faculty and students in computer science about the direction in which software is headed and who will have access to technological advances. “[We discussed] how we do a better job of using computer science to reach out of people around the world so they get the benefit of the very rapid innovation,” Gates said. “People are underestimating the impact of software and the ways that it can improve a wide range of things.” (…)

Online learning

Gates also sees great things in the future of online learning. Himself a consumer of online coursework, Gates hopes that university curriculum can be augmented through online access to lecturers and better accreditation or through testing that measures the effectiveness of different teaching models.

Of course, when Gates runs into trouble with his online solid state physics coursework, he can call genius physicists, but he believes there is strong potential to digitize learning at the college level, not just for top tier institutions like Carnegie Mellon, but also for community colleges and high schools. “Take the intro biology course [for example]. Should they take Nowicki, who is a brilliant biology lecturer at Duke, and just have his lectures play and then the people they hire are good at the discussion group, not trying to do what he does? I think there will be a change there,” Gates said. (leer más…)

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