Eluminate for Moodle

Moodle For users of the Moodle open-source course management system, Elluminate Bridge for Moodle™ enables you to easily and seamlessly integrate live, synchronous distance learning and collaboration into your coursework. Developed in conjunction with Elluminate by Moodle partners Remote-Learner.net and Open Knowledge Technologies, the integration module is available from the Moodle CVS repository.

Elluminate Bridge for Moodle provides:

  • Classroom creation by instructors and teaching assistants
  • Ability to display list and modify scheduled classrooms
  • Single sign-on launch of classroom from within Moodle
Instructors and Staff

With Elluminate Bridge for Moodle, you can schedule and deliver classes using our Internet-based, real-time virtual classroom that includes best-in-class VoIP, shared whiteboards, PowerPoint import, public and private chat, application sharing, breakout rooms, and much more. And participants can launch a synchronous session using Elluminate Live! directly from Moodle for a superior user experience every time—regardless of computer platform or Internet connection speed.

What’s more, you can record Elluminate Live! sessions, enabling participants who missed the live session to access the recording from Moodle. Assign a grade value for attendance and specify if the meeting is public or private. And Moodle’s calendar is automatically populated with each session as a course or user event.(leer más…)

Fuente: [elluminate]



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