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En nuestra sección [5 enlaces] [5 links] traemos hoy a Learning Circuits. Ellos se definen así:

“Our Mission and History

ASTD launched Learning Circuits in January 2000. Its goal was to promote and aid the use of e-learning, creating a body of knowledge about how to use technology efficiently and effectively for learning. It delivers a fully interactive Website with discussions, demos and resources, and articles on a weekly basis. A bi-weekly opt-in email newsletter, LC Express, sends news, teasers, and links to subscribers. There are nearly 500 articles currently on the Website.”.

1) Understanding E-Learning 2.0
y Tony Karrer
Workplace learning professionals need to get smart on E-Learning 2.0 tools.

2) Case Study: Podcasting In Corporate Training
By Frank Nguyen and Mike Giordano
How one company explored the delivery of sales promotion and product information using podcasts and vodcasts.

3) Second Life Produces Real Training Results
By Anders Gronstedt
The 3-D web world is slowly becoming part of the training industry.

4) Dynamic Content: Connecting Performance and Learning
By Steven Shaw
What is dynamic content? What role does dynamic content play in developing more effective strategies to tackle performance problems in organizations?

5)Annual E-Learning Trends Survey
Each year, Learning Circuits surveys readers to gauge the impact that technology developments have had on e-learning efforts. In addition, we ask questions to get a clearer picture of how e-learning is evolving. Results will be published in December 2007.

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