Thesis Web Dialogue. Päivi Jokela y Peter Karlsudd

Hoy traemos este artículo del EURODL titulado Thesis Web Dialogue.
Högskolan i Kalmar 391 82 Kalmar Sweden []

This paper describes development work where an application specially adapted for essay-writing and supervision has been constructed, developed and tested. The aim of the programme development has been to create support for essay-writing and supervision.

With the ambition of reinforcing important ingredients for effective supervision and essay-writing the aim and requirements for the Thesis Web Dialogue were formulated. The chief aim from the tutor’s perspective was to facilitate organizing his or her supervision and efficiently follow and support the essay-writer. The essay-writers’ chief aim was to find easy access to tutor support and information relevant to their essay work. The Thesis Web Dialogue was continuously developed and evaluated, a process which culminated on two evaluation occasions.

The majority of the tutors and essay-writers who had tested or been introduced to the Thesis Web Dialogue are positive to its idea and function. The most positive is the student group. A few students have expressed their scepticism vis-à-vis the Thesis Web Dialogue. Some of these students feel uncertain when confronted with the technology, while some apparently want to avoid be subjected to higher demands and greater insight into their essay work.

The result shows that the Thesis Web Dialogue can be of great help to many students and tutors. It is probably especially suitable for distance courses and/or essay courses where the tutor follows the essay-writers for a fairly long time. (leer más…)

Fuente: [eurodl]



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