Jena Six : ‘Smart mob’ tech spurs student activism

Aquí traemos un artículo en eSchool News sobre las smart mobs, tema que ya hemos tratado en otras ocasiones…ciberturbas, absurd mobs, democratización, acciones sociales y acciones políticas. El artículo es un acercamiento al tema de las smart mob en los contextos estudiantiles americanos. El artículo es muy americano, el bien, el mal, causar estragos, peligros de desmadre…pero es curioso como trabaja el acercamiento al tema…

Me interesa la cuestión del Jena Six , al que corresponde el video de arriba y que se definen:
“The Jena Six are a group of black students who are being charged with attempted murder for beating up a white student who was taunting them with racial slurs, and continued to support other white students who hung three nooses from the high schools “white tree” which sits in the front yard. “
Un grupo de estudiantes negros, algunos links interesantes:

El artículo comienza así:

School leaders have a new tech phenomenon to contend with
By Nora Carr, APR

Many of the tens of thousands of college and university student activists that swarmed Jena, La., on Sept. 20 to protest the town’s racial inequality were mobilized through information and communication technologies, representing what’s known as a “smart mob.” The phenomenon, which many believe symbolizes the democratization of the media, is being more widely used in schools across the country, by school leaders and students alike.

October 19, 2007—When tens of thousands of protesters converged on tiny Jena, La., on Sept. 20, they also ushered in a major milestone in technology-spawned activism.

Spurred online to real-life action by a popular hip-hop artist and black music bloggers, the Jena Six protesters gathered without a set time, leader, or program.

They also became the first highly visible “smart mob” formed by black youth, primarily college and university students

(leer más…)

Fuente: [eShool news]



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