The Innovate Gateway. October/November 2007. Volume 4, Issue 1

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The Innovate Gateway
October/November 2007
Volume 4, Issue 1

Ya tenemos el número de Octubre/Noviembre de Innovate, más lectura…

Welcome to the October/November issue of Innovate. In this issue we provide readers with a survey of technology-enhanced proposals and initiatives in a diverse range of contexts—within the academy, beyond the academy, and across the globe.

In the midst of rising printing costs and reduced university support, academic publishers now face serious challenges in meeting the needs of the professional communities they serve. To address these challenges, university presses in the near future are likely find new technologies and new business models indispensable for fulfilling their mission. In an interview with Chad Trevitte, Charles Henry discusses how digital publishing has allowed Rice University Press to reemerge as a pioneer in innovative practice. Henry’s description of this initiative—its origins, its rationale, its strategies, and its plans for further development—outlines a potential precedent for more widespread revitalization of university presses.

El sumario es el siguiente

The Rice University Press Initiative: An Interview with Charles Henry
Chad Trevitte and Charles Henry
Using Digital Mapping Programs to Augment Student Learning in Social Studies
Thomas Chandler and Heejung An
Designing an Effective Web-Based Coding Environment for Novice Learners
Heejung An
Podcasting in Engineering Education: A Preliminary Study of Content, Student Attitudes, and Impact
Edward Berger
Distance Learning in Micronesia: Participants’ Experiences in a Virtual Classroom Using Synchronous Technologies
Kavita Rao
Designing the Online Collaboratory for the Global Social Benefit Incubator
Pedro Hernández-Ramos, James L. Koch, Albert Bruno, and Eric Carlson
Places to Go: Facebook
Stephen Downes

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