Mapa Conceptual "My Personal Learning Environment (PLE)" ( Mi entorno personal de aprendizaje) de David Delgado

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David Delgado
Hoy traemos de D. David Delgado el post titulado My Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

“This post is just a Dashboard of my Personal Learning Environment. I talked about it in my previous post.

Note: all the links to the tools are linked to my personal profile in them (so, you the tools themselves become part of my profile, for example my photos on Flickr, my videos on YouTube,”

En el nos presenta un mapa conceptual, mapa mental o cuadro sinóptico (de cuya conceptualización habría mucho que discutir) sobre PLE, entornos personales de aprendizaje. Lo que más me llama la atención del cuadro es la doble centralidad de Elgg y Moodle; aunque Moodle, y eso puede ser sintomático, queda esquinao más que como un punto de conexión, como un punto de finalización, de acabamiento, como un mundo aparte.

También tenéis el comentario que Downes le ha dedicado al diagrama, bajo el título My Personal Learning Environment (PLE):

” Interesting diagram of a personal learning network offered by David Delgado. He writes, in the explanation, “the learner chooses their own personal learning environment, taking whatever tools that help them to achieve their own goals. Different people have different ideas to build their own PLE.” Quite so, and this is an important thing to keep in mind. The PLE, though it may seem sometimes to be described as though iot were an application, is in fact a suite of tools – and one that may vary for each user. If I talk about ‘building a PLE application’ (as I do from time to time) I am talking about building an application that can be either one of those tools, or a tool that helps me manage those tools. The main point here is (a) no one tool is ‘the PLE’, and (b) the main thing about a PLE is that the tools can communicate with each other. Harold Jarche draws on this and compares the idea to Mark Federman’s Valence Theory of Organization: “An organization is thus defined as that complex, emergent entity which occurs when two or more people, or two or more organizations, or both, share multiple valences at various strengths, with various pervasiveness, among the component elements.” Just so a PLE. David Delgado, Weblog, September 7, 2007.”

(9:05) También he encontrado interesante la referencia que le dedica Harold Jarche en su blog, bajo el título Connections. Y el mapa que también postea que comienza así:

David Dalgado has put up a graphic of his personal learning environment, using categories of Main Tool, Browser, LMS, News, Search, Communication, Knowledge base, Social Networks and Web Apps. When I examined my Web tools at the time, I came up with Main Professional Site, Information Management, Productivity Tools and Social Networks. This view was a bit different from my Personal Knowledge Management system, last year. This process consisted of Pulling, Sorting, Categorizing, Reflecting & Commenting, and Finding. In all of these cases, the individual decides what to connect to, choosing the intensity of the bonds with people or information.”

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Fuente: [David Delgado, elgg]



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