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Seguimos con la sección [5 enlaces][5links], enlaces-links para la lectura.

1) It’s Time to Drop E-Learning

For some, e-learning is only now coming into its own. For others, the word smacks of an obsession with technology. Donald H Taylor argues that it’s time to drop the ‘e’ and start concentrating on the ‘learning’.It’s time to drop e-learning. Let’s be specific. It’s time to drop the ‘e’ in e-learning. It’s time to recognise that the ‘e’ carries the stigma of past hyperbole, puts some potential learners and managers off and smacks of a love of technology that has everything to do with content delivery, rather than individual learning.

Fuente: [training zone co.uk]

2) Teaching Chemistry Mechansims in Second Life I have previously commented on how organic chemistry can be incorporated into Second Life.

Andrew Lang has created a script to generate 3D structures of molecules and shown how to represent the docking of a molecule in the receptor site of a protein (this is important for demonstrating how drugs can interfere with infectious agents like the parasite that causes malaria). Fuente: [drexel coas e-learning]

3)The Rise of e-Learning in Nigeria 08.01.2007.Information Communication Technology

Efem Nkanga in this report looks at the rising adoption of the e-Learning platform as a tool for effective knowledge dissemination in Nigeria. Fuente: [this day]

4) E-learning receives interest, needs support. Alvin Darlanika Soedarjo,
Academics have urged universities to adopt an efficient e-learning process despite mounting problems with content management, lack of facilities and limited internet access for students and educators.

“E-learning at universities has received a good response from students and faculty members. However, e-learning is still quite new and there are many obstacles we need to overcome before it becomes effective,” said Didi Achjari, the associate dean for administration affairs at the School of Economics at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta. Fuente: [The Jakarta Post, Jakarta]

5) illumio

illumio is a new way to stay informed and connected in a web world that is exploding with social networks, blogs, news, and other content. Fuente: [Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day]

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