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Hoy vamos a inaugurar una nueva sección titulada [5 enlaces][5 links], de la que llevo ya 15 días con tres o cuatro posts en cartera del borrador de bloger, algún día había que comenzar, y ese es hoy:

1) George Roberts :: Weblog :: Blended learning? en Emerge de George Roberts.

This is more of an essay than I intended! Further to Nicola’s “defining the e” and the discussion that followed, Rhona Sharpe led a review of Blended Learning for the HE Academy. I contributed part of the literature review. The political argument was largely submerged in the final paper. I rehearse it here. And in the SlideShare

Whatever it is, it is widely recognised that blended learning is ubiquitous. We can blend:

  • delivery different modes (face-to-face and distance education)
  • technology mixtures of (web based) technologies
  • locus authentic/work-based and class-room based learning
  • pedagogy different pedagogical approaches
  • chronology synchronous and a-synchronous interventions
  • roles multi-disciplinary groupings of learners
  • focus different aims
  • direction instructor-directed vs. learner-directed .

2) Sorting Out the Issues in Blackboard v iParadigms at e-Literate en e-literate.

The latest news is that Blackboard has stated that the language of the intellectual property waiver in their contract with iParadigms was specific to that contract, motivated by specific concerns about the particular company and business relationship involved. Blackboard further states the language is not present in their standard Building Blocks contract or other partner contacts. This is an important clarification and one that I am happy to pass on.

3) Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Emergency 2.0: Twitter helps public services speed up ahead the government in crisis situations en Smart Mobs.

David Stephenson, homeland security, e-government, and crisis management strategist and theorist, pleads as defense attorney for Twitter’s social strengths by presenting two illustrative cases, as exhibits before a virtual jury: LA Fire Department 2.0 and Red Cross 2.0 in Birmingham, AL.

4) Pantasmas antes do almorzo: Cinema: resistencia e comunicación. en Pantasmas antes do almorzo.

Balata Film Collective

Film is an important means of both resistance and communication. The Balata Film Collective was initated to enable young Palestinians from Balata to break their isolation, challenge their oppression and and represent their lives to the world.

The Balata film production collective films, edits and produces movies in Arabic and English. Until now, the collective has focused on producing shorts which are uploaded to the internet. In the future hopefully it will also produce full-length movies distributed on DVD and VHS.

5) DB2 and open source: Put yourself on the map with Google Maps API, DB2/Informix, and PHP on Linux en IBM.

oogle Maps API along with DB2® or Informix®, PHP, JavaScript, and XML let you create an easy-to-use map with your data on it. Pan to your zip code to see area-specific data. Use custom icons, change the map type, create a sidebar, and use event handlers. <!– if (document.referrer&&document.referrer!="") { // document.write(document.referrer); var q = document.referrer; var engine = q; var isG = engine.search(/google\.com/i); var searchTerms; //var searchTermsForDisplay; if (isG != -1) { var i = q.search(/q=/); var q2 = q.substring(i+2); var j = q2.search(/&/); j = (j == -1)?q2.length:j; searchTerms = q.substring(i+2,i+2+j); if (searchTerms.length != 0) { searchQuery(searchTerms); document.write("

“); } } } //–>


The recent explosion of information has spawned many new technologies that help digest all these gigabytes. Most humans do best with graphical representations when trying to absorb lots of information. Geographic data, in this case from the US Census, can be visualized using Google Maps, instead of traditional geographical information systems (GIS). Why use this article when there are over 69 million hits for the search words “google maps”? This article focuses on using PHP, Informix, DB2, and Linux. Also, the code provided here has the clarity that only a 14-year-old programmer can provide. (See “Resources” for more articles written by this author.)

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