Learning the Open Source Way

The projects’ objective is to develop a toolkit on “Learning the Open Source Way”. The toolkit is aimed at students and educators who are interested in the open source approach and what it can tell us about learning. The toolkit should assist others who want to create or adapt their educational courses using the principles found in FLOSS communities. It is aimed at providing information about learning in an open source manner.

To start developing the “Learning the Open Source Way” toolkit we will carry out an open and free “Virtual and On-campus Summer University”. The summer university is a 12 week open access session starting at July 3rd.

This “Learning the Open Source Way” project is initiated as part of the EU funded FLOSSCom project and the “Virtual and On-campus Summer University” is carried out in collaboration with Ubuntu Education.

The FLOSSCom project focuses on identifying the factors that contribute to successful knowledge construction in informal learning communities, such as the FLOSS communities and intends to analyze the effectiveness of FLOSS-like learning communities in a formal educational setting.

We like to invite you to participate at this project and to:
• Bring in your knowledge and experience!
• Contribute to the project and bring in first hand information!
• Discuss, analyze and evaluate with us the differences between informal learning environments, like the FLOSS communities and formal educational settings!
• Assist us in analyzing the effectiveness of a FLOSS-like learning community in a formal educational setting!
• Help us to identify ways on transferring some of the underlying FLOSS principles to formal education!
• Point out existing examples of eLearning delivery and examine why these do not provide the types of constructivist learning environments observed in FLOSS communities!
• Provide any examples of formal educational environments similar to FLOSS communities!

See also the Summer University Introductory Presentations at slideshare.net:

or go to the project’s website at:

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