Penn Sound: Poesía inglesa, audio y podcast. Ginsberg, Blake y Ezra Pound

Hoy traemos entre la infinidad de recursos de la red la siguiente página: Penn Sound.
Archivo sonoro del center for programs in contemporary writing at the University of Pennsylvania. Entre tanta palabra saturada en la que vivimos inmersos …un poco de poesía para desinfectar nuestras escuchas.

about PennSound:

PennSound is an ongoing project, committed to producing new audio recordings and preserving existing audio archives. We intend to provide as much documentation about individual recordings as possible; new bibliographic information will be added over time (please contact us if you can supplement the information already provided). As part of the PennSound project, the Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text & Image (SCETI) in collaboration with the Annenberg Rare Book and Manuscript Collection at the University of Pennsylvania is developing a sophisticated cataloguing tool for all our sound files; this should be available in about one year. Click on “search,” in the header to any PennSound page, for a demonstration.

Un ejemplo de lo que nos ofrece: un poeta que me encanta, Blake cantado por Ginsberg… que pareja-trío, qué simbiosis !!!
Ginsberg Sings BlakeRecorded New York, December 15, 1969

note: some of the text links are not currently working.

Foto derecha:Allen Ginsberg (left) with his lifelong lover and friend, poet Peter Orlovsky

Songs of Innocence

1. Introduction: Allen Ginsberg (Voc); Peter Orlovsky (Voc); Janet Zeitz (Flt); Cyril Caster (Gtr) (1:04): Performance; Text

2. The Shepherd: Allen Ginsberg (Voc); Peter Orlovsky (Voc); Janet Zeitz (Flt); Cyril Caster (Gtr); Bob Dorough (Org) (1:06): Performance; Text

3. The Ecchoing Green: Allen Ginsberg (Voc & Finger Cymbals); Herman Wright (Bass); Bob Dorough (Pno) (1:27): Performance; Text

4. The Lamb: Allen Ginsberg (Voc); Janet Zeitz (Flt); Bob Dorough (Org); Cyril Caster (Gtr) (1:13): Performance; Text

Aunque tenéis mucho más…cerca de 200 escritores y sobre 10.000 grabaciones

Otro ejemplo, y así recomendamos las escuchas de hoy: Ezra Pound
Pound’s Collected Poetry Recordings
Photo: Franz Larese, Erker-Galerie, Easter 1971, Burano, Italy

Ezra Pound’s Cantos is published by New Directions Publishing Corp
They can be contacted at editorial @
or permissions @

Pound’s Poems and Translations is published by the Library of America

PennSound Ezra Pound page edited by Richard Sieburth

The Sound of Pound: A Listener’s Guide
by Richard Sieburth

Interview with Richard Sieburth by Al Filreis, May 22, 2007 (44:15)

Note: The bracketed page numbers for non-Cantos materials are taken from the Library of America edition of Pound’s Poems and Translations. The Canto page numbers are taken from the thirteenth printing (1995) of the New Directions edition of The Cantos of Ezra Pound.

The Harvard Vocarium Readings Recorded in Cambridge, Mass., May 17, 1939

1. Sestina: Altaforte (with drums) (3:40) ; text [105]
2. The Seafarer (with drums) (7:08) ; text [236]
3. Homage to Sextus Propertius, Section VI (2:44) [535-36]

Aconsejo la grabación de Sestina (es como diríamos….histriónica)…que comienza así:

Loquitur: En Bertrans de Born.
Dante Alighieri put this man in hell for that he was a
stirrer-up of strife.
Judge ye!
Have I dug him up again?
The scene in at his castle, Altaforte. “Papiols” is his jongleur.
“The Leopard,” the device of Richard (Cúur de Lion).


Damn it all! all this our South stinks peace.
You whoreson dog, Papiols, come! Let’s to music!
I have no life save when the swords clash.
But ah! when I see the standards gold, vair, purple, opposing
And the broad fields beneath them turn crimson,
Then howl I my heart nigh mad with rejoicing.
(leer más…)

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