Computer Games for Teaching and Learning

Hoy vamos a seguir con el tema del juego y el aprendizaje, uno de los “lugares” de mayor desarrollo actual en el mundo de la enseñanza.

Research Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning

Computer games are a very popular pastime for with many young, and young-at-heart, people and are increasingly being seen as having potential for teaching and learning. LSDA/LSN have been watching developments with interest and have carried out some research in this area.

Computer games and simulations for adult learning: case studies from practice

Computer games and simulationsThe use of computer games and simulations by young people is commonplace. This research report investigates their use by learners aged 16 upwards in a number of different settings, eg in education, science and business, for surgery and for military training. Each game is discussed with reference to the gaming and other available research literature, and with reference to widening participation in learning. The findings of this report will be of interest to teachers and trainers currently using, or hoping to use, computer games and simulations with their learners, and also to managers and policy-makers in the field of adult learning.

The use of computer and video games for learning

The use of computer and video games for   learningTo inform the development of learning materials within our mobile learning project m-learning we carried out a review of the literature on the use of computer and video games including their use, and potential use, for teaching and learning.

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