The Teachers Speak… en Suffern Middle School in Second Life
Suffern Middle School in Second Life de Peggy Sheehy Location: Suffern, New York, US.
Aquí tenéis un post interesante sobre educación virtual y Second Life

A running account of the process of the proposal, acquisition, development and integration of a virtual presence for education at Suffern Middle School, Suffern, NY.

I asked Julie to write down a reaction- including any observations she had gleaned from her experience teaching in SL this year–I asked about the pros and cons. Knowing how busy my teachers are, especially at this time of year, she (once again) dazzled me with this very thorough response:

From Good Intentions to Best Practices: My Dream English Class in Second Life

From the time Peggy Sheehy (our library media specialist at Suffern Middle School in Suffern, New York) introduced me to Second Life last May, I was hooked. I was working on my Masters Degree through Walden University’s online program, so I knew the value of virtual communication, at least at the university level. The idea of applying this platform to our elementary/secondary curriculum (and adding it to the old “teacher’s toolbox”) was quite enticing. I could do everything I was doing in my class AND MORE. I immediately signed up for the free download of this program at home and began to make my way around the incredibly user-friendly main grid. As I explored this new world and adjusted to my new lack of physical limitation, I was inundated with flashes of inspiration regarding the classroom application of this powerful tool. By the time September rolled around, Peggy had convinced the district to purchase three islands on the Second Life main grid that were completely inaccessible from the main world. She also had a group of in-world volunteers who worked to design the orientation section, classrooms and buildings, and various games and activities around the island. This was shaping up to be quite a campus!(leer más…)

Fuente: [Suffern Middle School in Second Life]

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