Docebo open source 3.0.6

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Docebo open source

The Docebo suite is a completely free content management (CMS) and e-learning (LMS) platform released under Open Source license.

The e-learning platform supports scorm 1.2 and manages more than 50 functions, the CMS.

Docebo 3.0.6 has been released, you can download the upgrade and the full installer from the Download area, you will find also Manuals and Free Online Courses

You can find changelog here

The Staff

Docebo 3.0.5 released
Docebo 3.0.5 has been released and it is available in update and full version. It fixes several bugs and several language errors. The Portuguese installation problem is fixed too.

You can find docebo 3.0.5 in the download area.

Thanks to all 6311 users that downloaded the previous version!

Scorm tutorial and samples
Lot of users ask what is scorm and how to use it so we have decided to publish a small tutorial that explain what is scorm, and what is a scorm compliant LMS.

This is not the usual “silly theoric manual” (all are similar and unuseful) but is a practice manual with exampleas that you can download. At the bottm of this words you will find the PDF file and also the Examples, for downloading the sample please click on the file you need to download.

Scorm standard elearning tutorial
Type Filename Description Hits   ( 3431 )
robodemo_ robodemo_   ( 2146 )   ( 2500 )
scorm_ manual_ENG.pdf scorm_ manual_ENG.pdf   ( 1975 )

(leer más…)

Fuente: [docebo]
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