Retraso de la voz en Second Life: Linden Lab Delaying Voice In Second Life For ‘A Few Months’

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In an abrupt turnaround, Linden Lab, which develops and operates Second Life, says it’ll be “a few months” before voice is available in the service. Until very recently, Linden Lab was saying voice would be available tomorrow (Wednesday).

Linden Lab has been testing the service for some time on an area of Second Life called the “beta grid.” We tried it out last week and loved it.

The current plan, according to a company spokesman:

“Linden Lab’s plan is to continue to develop additional voice features on the beta grid for a few weeks still.” At that point, it may choose to go into beta2 phase, releasing a “First Look viewer” that will allow users to optionally try out voice on the main area of the service, called the “main grid” in Second Life jargon. While the First Look viewer is available, Second Life users would be able to continue to use the regular client software, which is not voice-enabled. (leer más…)

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