Get instruction in e-learning

Do you have a keen interest in reading, a flair for writing, strong research skills and a good team spirit? If yes, you have the makings of a fine instructional designer, writes Ali Asger Y. Shaiwalla

Companies are going the e-learning way to meet their geographically dispersed training and communication needs—all to seize business opportunities before and better than their competitors.

E-learning in India has come of age and it has become a favorite e-learning outsourcing destination for various global giants, the factors being professional competence in the English language, competitively priced human resources and business benefits offered by the government.

E-learning is fast becoming the preferred mode of content delivery. According to IDC forecasts, the e-learning market, which was about $7 billion in 2004, is likely to witness an exponential growth and touch the $28 billion mark by 2008. The global market for corporate e-learning will grow nearly 30 per cent compounded yearly over the next four years.

Advantage India

Rapid globalisation trends enabled by rich information technology present new lucrative careers—career options beyond engineering, medicine, civil services and law have emerged. Jobs like Instructional Designers, Course Developers, Content Creators, Course Writers, Course Reviewers, Graphic Designers, Authoring Tool Experts and Visualisers are catching the limelight, offering excellent professional career paths.(leer más…)

Fuente: [the tribune India]

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