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Hi everyone-I work as a Library Assistant at The Bill Robertson Library, in Dunedin. I mainly post items of interest here for myself, staff and students. My comments are my own and are not representative of the University of Otago or Otago Polytechnic.
Traemos este post sobre la Wikipedia, . Tanto el primer como el segundo enlace interesantes,… en fin de vueltas con Citizendium y wikipedia, sin duda estamos en una cuestión central: la auctoritas y la potestas de nuevo.

This is a discussion/debate about the advantages and disadvantages of Wikipedia. One professor discusses why his history department banned their students citing information from Wikipedia. Another explains why she asks her students to use it for their research assignments. Debate follows about the value of using Wikipedia as an educational tool. They discuss its strengths and weakneses etc. There were interesting points brought up about misinformation both malicious and non malicious. How do you trust a source? Who is editing the entries and why? What is Wikipedia about?-what’s its philosophy etc? Listening to this I kept thinking that people need to develop their critical thinking skills, so it simply becomes a habit, or a way of questioning the information. You apply this to any information you find anywhere. See Standard 3 of the ANZIIL standards- (“The information literate person critically evaluates information and the information seeking process”).(leer más…)

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