MIT Second Life Student Design Competition: Hasta el 4 de Mayo

Conveying Residential Living and Culture in Second Life

NEWS 3/21/07: We’re holding an online tutorial in Second Life today at 5pm. The event will be in Second Life, but many of us will be logging on in room 10-337. Stop in and join us!

The goal of this project is to design and create a student created space within Second Life that represents the MIT campus. These architectures will be represented by clusters of pods. The pods will be modular, replicable, and easily customizable, such that any MIT student can join Second Life and with little foreknowledge create and add their own pod to a cluster. It is not necessary for the architecture to resemble the visual appearance of actual MIT structures. What will be important will the manner in which the pods are created, and how they interact and connect with each other.
Each team will be faced with two tasks in this, namely:

1. To submit a written proposal detailing how the pods would be created, describing their properties, and demonstrating how they would fit together

2. To actually create an instance of the proposed pod within Second Life, as described by the design scheme in part 1. Teams may also optionally create a cluster structure.

At the end of the competition submissions will be judged, and the winning team will receive a $500 prize! (leer más…)

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